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Amicoat develops and commercializes groundbreaking antimicrobial technology based on nature's own defense mechanisms. Our focus is on antimicrobial agents that inhibit bacterial growth and the formation of biofilms. We offer a highly promising solution to the growing global antibiotic resistance epidemic. Our peptides, when in contact with bacteria, induce rapid bactericidal activity and nearly instantaneous bacterial cell death, before mechanisms of resistance can be conferred.

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Tough on bacteria. Benign on environment.
Our main product, AMC-109, induces rapid bacterial cell death by disrupting the structural integrity of the bacterial cell membrane, resulting in cell lysis. Due to the rapid mechanism of action, bacteria do not have the opportunity to acquire resistance through conjugation or transformation. Our product is backed by extensive efficacy and safety data. Efficacy has also been demonstrated with viruses and fungi.



Amicoat AS is a privately owned biotechnology company with offices in Oslo and Tromsø, Norway. Our aspiration is to be the market leader in the antimicrobial space. Many factors make Amicoat a compelling business case: proprietary patented technology, leading scientific experts, a highly competent management team, and a growing market demand for our solutions. We welcome discussions with investors.

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A core guiding principle of our business is the belief that science should be applied to improve the lives of people regardless of their access to resources. To this end, we have set up Amicoat Foundation, specifically to apply antimicrobial technology to needs of the developing world. Our current project in water filtration aims to address the significant challenge of water sanitation using our novel antimicrobial peptides.

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At Amicoat, you will have the opportunity to work at the forefront of biotechnology, where the work you do will have a direct impact on society. Amicoat's technology addresses critical needs facing millions of people around the world. Our company is committed to recruiting and hiring individuals who share our passion for science and our desire to build a great company.

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