Amicoat AS is a privately owned biotechnology company with offices in Oslo and Tromsø, Norway. Our aspiration is to be the market leader in the antimicrobial space and to transform entire industries with our innovative science. The focus of Amicoat is primarily on non-pharmaceutical fields, including the medical device, marine, textile, water purification, and agricultural industries.

Many factors make Amicoat a compelling business case: proprietary patented technology, leading scientific experts, a highly competent management team, and a growing market demand for our solutions. The annual cost of hospital- acquired infections (HAI) in the United States alone is estimated at USD 35-46 billion. Amicoat’s peptide-based solution is arguably the most promising novel antimicrobial technology on the market. Specific advantages include a rapid effect, low resistance development, broad spectrum of activity, and a benign environmental impact.

Amicoat has established commercial collaborations with several leading companies within the medical device sector to license the AMC-109 technology for specific applications. The strategy is to impregnate a material or coat a surface with the peptide, which will significantly reduce bacterial colonization and the risk of infection. Bacteria are ubiquitous and the market scope where Amicoat can add value is theoretically unlimited. Amicoat is pursuing opportunities to expand into more product applications spanning diverse industries.

We are open to discussions with investors about equity financing, especially members who have an active interest in contributing to the success of the company and building the life sciences industry in Norway. To discuss in further detail, please contact Investor Relations at investors@amicoat.com or Contact Us.