Our Values

Using a science-based approach to improve the world.

Scientific innovation has had a profound impact on society ever since the Industrial Revolution. Amicoat is committed to applying scientific innovation to addressing significant global problems confronting humanity. We believe that science is the most powerful instrument in improving many of these problems.

Delivering superior client service for each client.

We make our best effort to ensure delivery of outstanding, tailored client service for each client, customer relation, and business collaboration, in a timely and professional manner. We operate in a business ecosystem where our long-term reputation is based on our consistent delivery of superior client service.

Recruiting and developing the best people in a culture of meritocracy.

Our company and industry is intensely knowledge-based and intellectual capital is Amicoat’s greatest asset. Amicoat is committed to recruiting, hiring, and developing the best person for each role in the organization in a culture of meritocracy that rewards results and accountability.

Create long-term value for shareholders in an environmentally responsible manner.

Amicoat recognizes that creating long-term shareholder value and ensuring environmentally responsible practices are not incompatible objectives. We pride ourselves in the fact that our technology leaves minimal environmental impact compared to market alternatives. We have the responsibility to ensure future growth without compromising sustainability.